The Platform

addedIQ            is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform powered by machine learning algorithms that quickly provides insights about customers, products and their markets. We provide the ultimate consumer behavior analysis platform for assessing, evaluating, and simulating consumer behaviors


market overview.png


Once our clients select an industry, they are guided to our top level market analysis page, designed to allow them to understand national and regional submarkets of their product as well as the market behaviors, growth rates and trends relative to the overall US economy.  

market dynamics simulator 2.png


Users can use addedIQ’s proprietary simulation technology to understand and forecast the effects of major market shifts on consumer behavior. The addedIQ platform allows users to rapidly explore the effects of pandemics, unemployment and other macro-economic market shocks on individual consumer behaviors.

detailed segment.png


To improve understanding of consumer behavior, the addedIQ platform allows users access to dynamic, machine learning segmentation models that find related groups of customers by consumption pattern, demographic, geographic and financial factors.

household composition index.png


Users can navigate to step two in our process, an evaluation of household dynamics. The graphs shown capture de-biased data that displays the demographic trends of households consuming client products and their differences against the US population