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How Machine Learning and AI can Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry

Updated: Mar 26

When considering the vast amounts of data collected at a nearly constant rate across all industries and sectors, the complexity of combining healthcare data at a molecular level and the analysis of such data is astonishing--not just in the sheer amount of data available--from simple things like body temperature to the more intricate and granular measurements like an electroencephalogram, that is, the measurement of the electrical activity in the brain. However, one of the more promising advancements when it comes to AI and machine learning is the ability to take this vast amount of human data and use algorithms to make accurate predictions, suggestions, and even--in some cases--diagnosis an illness or detect genomic abnormalities.

The ability to apply AI and machine learning in the healthcare industry is ever-evolving, and, although like most relatively new technological advances it is not without its own hurdles. However, addedIQ is committed to providing custom tools, services, and solutions in the healthcare field to answer some of the most important healthcare questions and respond to objectives of hospitals and private practices.

Using the vast amount of data that many of our hospital partners have, we are able to provide the best options and bespoke services for them to create neural networks based on age, height, weight, lifestyle, statistics, nutrition, sleep, and activity. And the greater the data set, the better the output and analysis. Along with that, addedIQ has the capability to create recommendation systems that can be implemented to patients to not only improve their quality of medical care but to help them make more informed decisions about their health.

Both healthcare professionals and tech leaders agree: in the coming decade there will be a strong push to use AI, machine learning, and cloud systems to reduce physician fatigue, and in many areas, ease the stress of physician shortage, while still maintaining a high quality of patient care. Machine learning can and should be leveraged to optimize the time and expertise of healthcare professionals and adjust directives in real time based upon patient data. With addedIQ at the helm of your healthcare organization, we can assist with designing machine learning algorithms to do just this, in addition to providing seamless data sharing in the cloud across multiple networks--between the healthcare provider, patient, and insurance companies. One exciting advancement in the healthcare field is the Internet of Things (IoT), which often take the form of wearable technology. Health-related wearables include an arm cuff that can track your sleep cycle, a temporary tattoo that changes colors to tell you when you’ve reached your recommended daily UV exposure, and IoT glucometers. The data collected from these wearables in addition to data collected in the field of genomics (think 23andMe) can now be used and analyzed by physicians using AI and machine learning tools that will allow them to uncover deep insights while still maintaining patient privacy and a high standard of care.

In sum, the healthcare industry is one of the most lucrative and promising industries in terms of AI and machine learning applications. Health institutions, like all organizations, are interested in cutting costs by reducing readmission and insurance companies are interested in leveraging risk management. The way to achieve these goals is certainly through, in part, AI. With several years’ experience creating custom solutions for the healthcare industry and other forward-thinking organizations, addedIQ can offer a wide variety of tools to optimize workflow, make smarter patient decisions, and reduce your cost footprint.


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