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How Can Your Business Benefit from AI in Influencer and Social Media Marketing?

Updated: Mar 26

Influencer marketing is a hybrid of celebrity endorsements, trendsetters, and those with large social media followings and utilizing their reach and marketing tools to create content-driven and modernized campaigns. Influencer marketing has a high cost footprint, but the conversion will be significantly higher than from a non-influencer campaign that uses more traditional methods. An even more profitable and certainly more effective option would be to go about vetting the best influencers via data analysis to make sure your investments and social reach will pay off and generate the maximum amount of social reach and revenue.

For that reason, adopting artificial intelligence (AI) with addedIQ for influencer marketing is your best chance at effective reach and increasing your brand profit margins. By automating influencer search and analytics with addedIQ and utilizing our highly intuitive Clarity+ dashboard, you can retrieve highly specific information on whom has the highest engagements or impressions, where geographically the influencers are located, and whom to look for in the sea of nearly 1 billion profiles. As a provider of powerful tools for influencer marketing, we want to assist you with the power of AI to capture your target market in the most efficient way possible.

As personalized and automated as AI tools are, AI cannot replace the human component and interactions and analysis. Think about the times you’ve used Google translate with a native speaker of a different language. Although Google’s AI often succeeds at translating the literal meaning of what you are trying to translate, it can also be criticized for its shallowness and inability to capture tone, register, or intention behind what you are trying to express--something a human translator would likely pick up on. Like in the case of AI, addedIQ can also offer solutions in terms of simulations and machine learning (ML), however, in the case of influencer marketing, a human analyst is vitally important in order to understand, segment, and ultimately decide how to best use the data to promote your product or service. AI, in this particular instance, should be perceived more as a customizable tool to lessen the burden of analytics and allow for your analysts to focus on more creative strategies when it comes to identifying the right influencers, vetting content, and focusing on creative activities and data-driven strategies provided by addedIQ’s Clarity+ dashboard, a highly visual and intuitive dashboard that will allow professionals to:

Easily segment and filter millions of social media users down to the very specific users

Identify users or influencers that can provide quality sponsored content

Highlight engagement trends between users and their followers

Help you to grow your own social media following by identifying the most effective tags and mentions across all platforms.

In conclusion, influencer marketing should---at its core--be relational. AI and automated processes are not a magic bullet when it comes to building an engaged and growing following. However, the proper social data combined with addedIQ’s numerous tools and simulation capabilities, one can certainly utilize their expertise to maximize brand promotion, guide social media decision-making, and ultimately build trust with their growing audience.


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