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How Automation Can Rescue Your Business From an Economic Downturn

For many executives and individuals in upper management, the past few weeks have been a troubling time not only in managing the health and safety of their organization, but also in strategizing how to best respond to the economic impact of COVID-19. When considering strategic changes in the face of crucial economic decisions, we posit two key areas where addedIQ’s AI driven decision engines can empower your company or organization.

The first is in the power of our analytical methodology. Many businesses today are not utilizing the full potential of the data that their software, web services, and CRMs are collecting at a constant rate. Our artificial intelligence (AI) and machine automation tools derive insight from your data at a rapid speed; well beyond the capabilities of a human analyst or even a team of human analysts. In times of economic crisis and uncertainty, this means that we can help you identify, triage, and offer solutions regarding areas to reduce cost without impacting revenue, ultimately resulting in a more positive fiscal outcome. Another area where addedIQ can provide an immediate impact is in identifying underserved or overlooked customers and pinpointing which are most likely to churn additional revenue. Our AI tools remove cognitive bias from the equation, affording you a qualitative and quantitative view of your client data to identify your untapped sources of revenue. This methodology can help guide directives and strategies for C-Level Executives and management when resources or staff may be low. Using these strategies in conjunction with customized tools and automation designed for your organization can assist in generating positive outcomes and identifying areas for revenue growth in a time where the global economy has shifted downwards. To find out more about how addedIQ can help your organization respond to COVID-19, please reach out via the contact form on or email


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