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that help our clients grow revenue.
In today’s market, data intelligence is an increasingly important aspect of revenue growth, and the ability to leverage data smartly is key to achieving and maintaining a competitive edge.
data science
machine intelligence integration

Our approach is informed. 

We are a team of data scientists and business leaders, so before we ever begin coding, we take the time to understand your business and examine your data to help uncover its value. Then, we conduct research and create a data science road-map for your organization to help activate your data.

We make your tools smarter.


Our team of data scientists brings machine intelligence to your products, dashboards, and reporting tools. We use rigorous statistical methods to create well-designed, prescriptive models that integrate with your tools and allow you to improve your product offering and make measurable differences in ROI and strategy.

custom analytical tool development

We are leaders in industry-

specific innovation.


With experience in retail, healthcare, financial services and more, our cross-industry expertise allows us to ​create tools that work for you, no matter your line of business. Our custom visualizations, intelligent applications, and API’s make insight-generation smooth and accessible and improve your company’s bottom line. The best part? We can work on your platform and within your existing technology stack, so you get insights fast.

Intelligent Tools
for Intelligent Companies
In today’s market, data science is an increasingly important aspect of revenue growth, and smart companies know how to leverage insights to their advantage. But if you're stumped about just how to get the most from your data, you're not alone.
addedIQ® understands that enabling data-driven business plans continues to be a major hurdle for many companies. We understand this challenge and we build custom tools powered by machine-learning that make insight-generation and incorporation easier.
what we do

We combine data science with business expertise to create custom, at-hand data analytics software tools for your company that help you get the most from your data and maintain your competitive edge.

categoryIQ is our unique, interactive data tool that provides supplementary demographic and behavioral insight into your existing customer base as well as your target customers. Using categoryIQ can help you explore demographics, customer spend, and wallet size for a variety of products and services at both the national and local levels, allowing you to better understand and target your best customers. 

categoryIQ can be employed as a separate, independent tool or we can enrich your existing data via a feed or API.

Examples of Our Products at Work

Publicly Traded Global Travel Media Company

  • Successfully implemented and maintained customer engagement models including recommendation engine for email content and analysis for customer acquisition. ​

  • Started with bare-bones analytics team and coached them to successfully using advanced statistical models to influence marketing decisions.​

National Eyewear Retailer​

  • Successfully implemented consumer analytics capabilities including customer segmentation and store location recommendation models. ​

  • Started with no analytics team and minimal data reporting, ended engagement having helped advise on the development of a data driven marketing and store selection capability. ​

National B2B Financial Services Company 

  • Successfully implemented and maintained a data parsing and organizing service to support audit and analytics initiatives. ​

  • Provided advisory work on the hiring and foundation of internal analytics capability.

case studies
our founder

With a legacy of executive leadership experience and extensive, cross-industry successes using data to solve complex marketing challenges, we have the unique ability to provide analytical innovations for any business need.

Martin Zacarias | Founder


Martin has vast experience as a technology start-up executive. Prior to Added IQ, he launched the tech company, 10K Wizard, where his leadership led to successful acquisition by Morningstar. He also brings deep knowledge and years of experience in technology development and implementation, finance, general management, sales, and marketing.

Martin holds a BA in Computer Science and English from Rice University and an MBA from the Harvard Graduate School of Business.





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